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משרד עו"ד חיים כהן תל אביב

The law firm, Chaim Cohen and Partners, Advocates and Notaries, is a boutique law firm that was established in 1986. The firm deals with litigation as well as legal and business advice in various fields, in a highly specialized manner for Israeli and foreign clients while maintaining a high level of personal service, discretion and placing the clients' best interest first and foremost with devotion and loyalty.

The law firm has dealt most successfully with cases in the following fields- criminal (mainly white collar), transportation, damages, claims again The National Insurance and labor law- and continues to do so. Furthermore, the firm offers notarial services , mediation, the handling estate cases and those of bankruptcy.

A significant portion of the cases dealt with by our firm are confidential, at our initiative, in order to respect the privacy and reputation of our clients and to ensure efficient legal practice. In light of our past successes, we have expanded our work in these fields.

Advocate Chaim Cohen and his staff are experienced and knowledgeable in business enterprises, nationally and internationally, especially in the field of real estate. The law firm has executed numerous real estate projects in their entirety.


The office deals with a wide variety of legal fields and has expertise in being the legal consultant of public companies, government companies, non-profit organizations, Yeshivot, political parties and privately owned companies.

Since 1992,Advocate Chaim Cohen has been the main legal advisor of a number of public  and government co-operations. Advocate Chaim Cohen has been a legal advisor of the real estate company Afridar, including during its process of privatization. He has been the legal advisor of the Labour Party, the government –owned company of Tadmor,  the Civil Rights Organization in YESHA, the Har Hamor Yeshiva, the non-profit organization of immigrants from Yemen, the Kolbit Company and others.


The law firm offers its services to clients both within Israel and abroad, to public figures, lawyers, judges and those in high positions in business and politics, in the fields of administrative and constitutional law and others.

Previous and present day clients include the former Minister of Defence, Mr Ehud Barak, the former President, Mr Shimon Peres, MK Mr Motti Yogev, MK Orit Struk, important Rabbis including Rabbi Tau, the former Head of the Secret Service, Mr Danni Yatom, the former Head of the Israeli Airports Administration  Mr Gabi Ofir, the former mayor of Askelon Mr Benny Waknin and the estate of the late Judge Maltz and others.

The legal services are offered in Hebrew, English, Spanish, Russian and French. Notarial services are offered in Hebrew, English and Spanish.

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Phone: 03-5370087

Address: 4 Rival St, Tel Aviv, Israel 67778

Fax: 03-5370024


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